Our History

Almost 20 years ago Mary Larkin, the founder of Sequel Home Care, was confronted with a situation that you may facing right now – both her ageing parents fell ill unexpectedly and were admitted to hospital for treatment. At that time, no choices were offered to Mary and her siblings regarding the care their parents could receive upon discharge from the hospital. The family was merely informed that due to the sudden changes in health and the inevitable physical decline, their only option was to admit both parents to residential care in a nursing home.

Our Values

Our values highlight that with Sequel’s assistance, your loved one’s home can remain the best residential facility available to them. You can’t have Our Values and then talk in the 3 rd person Sequel. Sequel’s values highlight the very high level of services and assistance a person receives whilst maintaining their choice of lifestyle

    We also believe:
  • That the strength of an organisation comes from within, with all staff sharing the values that show a commitment to Sequel’s service model, where the service user is the focus
  • It is the right of the service user to influence the care services required to maintain their independent lifestyle at home
  • In the richness of cultural diversity and the importance of a mutual respect for service users and for Support Workers
  • In the importance of monitoring service users’ wellbeing
  • In continuity of care, whereby preferred staff become a familiar feature of Sequel’s service delivery
  • In the right of the service user to choose to live in the familiarity and comfort of their own home
  • In the right to explore and choose other living arrangements

Our Culture

Sequel is committed to delivering outcomes that are centred around every person’s ability to maintain a comfortable lifestyle at home. We are serious about providing care and support that is of the highest quality and are fully accountable for our service delivery, ensuring its high quality through a culture of continuous improvement.

We believe strongly in the excellent service quality achieved through teamwork and we work collaboratively with service users, their families and Care Managers to deliver a holistic solution that best suits your loved one’s needs. Our excellent reputation is based solely on the proven quality of our services.

Our Guiding Principles

Sequel’s guiding principles revolve around a strong commitment to our service users, our support workers and our organisation.

  • A commitment to our service user
  • A strong commitment to a person-centered service delivery model that is designed to ensure the best possible outcome for each individual consumer
  • A commitment to our staff
  • A culture of collaboration where each member of staff is respected and always supported in the carriage of their duties
  • A commitment to our organisation

We commit to responsible financial management that will ensure Sequel’s long-term financial viability. We also have a strong commitment to a culture of continuous improvement that reflects the highest ethical standards enacted through best practice at all times.

Our Organisation

At Sequel Home Care, our organisation comprises two distinct streams, the Care Stream and the Business Stream.

Care Stream

The Care Stream is Sequel’s primary focus. It comprises two Care Managers who report to the General Manager. The Care Managers supervise and manage a team of Nurses and Support Workers.

Business Stream

The Business Stream attends to all commercial aspects, including accreditation of Sequel Home Care, and exists to support the Care Stream.

Our Mission

Sequel’s mission as a provider of aged care services is to assist consumers to maintain their optimum level of independence at home in the context of their lifestyle. Sequel believes that some declining abilities should not necessarily mean an immediate transition to residential aged care. With the appropriate assistance from our Support Workers we aim to make your loved one’s home the best place to be. We strive to achieve these goals by ensuring that their needs and wishes are met and that their house remains safe, comfortable and a viable option for them. By making your home the best place to be, you can continue living your life … YOUR WAY

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