Our history

16 years ago Mary Larkin, the founder of Sequel Home Based Care, was confronted with a situation that you may facing right now – both her ageing parents fell ill unexpectedly and were admitted to hospital for treatment. At that time, no choices were offered to Mary and her siblings regarding the care their parents could receive upon discharge from the hospital. The family was merely informed that due to the sudden changes in health and the inevitable physical decline, their only option was to admit both parents to residential care in a nursing home.

Since no alternative options were presented or discussed, Mary felt they were left without a say or a choice. She watched helplessly as her parents declined steadily in the care facility. It was not until after the death of her parents that it was brought to her attention that there were alternatives to residential aged care. Had she been advised there were other alternatives, she’s certain that the last few years of her parents’ lives may have been very different.

Mary decided it was time for change. With first-hand experience and an understanding of the diverse needs of the elderly, frail and those with special care needs, Mary created a business that provided considerate, compassionate and competent care. It was a business that allowed people to remain in the safe and familiar surrounds of their own home, with the support they require. Sequel Home Based Care was born.

Today, Sequel still believes as passionately as ever that everyone has the right to choose how they live, and continue to offer a range of services to support those wishes. Sequel helps people maintain a level of independence at home and feel valued and connected with the community.