Individualised care plan

We are all individuals. Our individuality starts when we are born – we inherit a blend of the genetic maps of our parents. Throughout life, our experiences, significant events, good times and bad times can play a big part in shaping who we are.

We all express our individuality in the choices and decisions we make.

You may at some point realize that difficult decisions need to be made to keep you or your loved one safe at home.  Perhaps your parents need some help beyond what you are able to give – due to your own family and career commitments?

Take the first step and give us a call. We will work with you (and your loved ones) to understand how best we can support you and provide the perfect level of care and support.

We promote individual choice and recognize the importance of your participation in developing a care plan. We have, since our inception in 2002, encouraged our consumers to take an active role in both the planning and implementation.

By encouraging your participation and input in the development of the care plan, the care that we provide is much more likely to reflect individual care needs, and also, remove some of the worry and second guessing.

Call Sequel today on 9499 1200 to discuss how we can work together to provide care that is ideal for your needs and circumstances.