How we help

Is a loved one of yours struggling to manage everyday tasks which are essential for them to remain living at home?

There may come a time when, through ageing or illness, a loved one finds it difficult to carry out normal everyday tasks – simple tasks such as showering, shopping, doing the laundry. Tasks, with a little help at home, could keep them independent at home.

As a caring son or daughter you are only too willing to help, but face many challenges in your own busy schedule to be there for them at all times.

You may find some tasks – such as assisting with personal care – are uncomfortable and would prefer to engage a qualified personal care assistant to undertake these tasks.

Another challenge is that you now live some distance from your parent’s home – so you can’t be there immediately you receive a call for help.

There are also the challenges placed on your time by your own lifestyle commitments – your own family, a very important and rewarding career.

Let Sequel work with you and your loved one to provide the required level of support that will maintain your loved one’s optimum level of independence and a continuing healthy relationship between family members.

Not only do we support your loved one perform daily living tasks, we continually monitor their well-being and will bring to your attention any concerns our personal care workers observe.

How you can help us

At Sequel we are committed to a culture of continuous improvement. This enables us to maintain best practice in all aspects of in-homed care – personal care, respite care, home care – and to provide you with services above and beyond the industry standard.

We also promote individual choice and recognize the importance of consumer participation. We have, since our inception in 2002, encouraged our consumers to take an active role in the planning and implementation of the services they can receive. Sequel will endeavor to shape the service around your needs and wishes.

So Sequel works in partnership with you to bring to life the full benefits of Consumer Directed Care.

Sequel also encourages feedback for services provided so we can be assured that our service delivery is meeting your needs and the changing needs of your loved one.