Helping your parents with personal care at home

Has it has come to the stage in your parent’s life when one or both are starting to rely on you more and more to do some of the chores that they are finding more difficult to perform? Perhaps one has just been discharged from hospital and needs some assistance whilst they are recovering.

When this happens you know that your parents require some assistance to remain safely at home. Most people are unsure of the type and ranges of services that are available to assist ageing parents maintain their independence for as long as possible in their own home.

The aim of personal care services is to assist a person maintain their independence for as long as possible. This gives you peace of mind knowing your parents are being cared for while you maintain your work and life commitments. Personal care services focus on a range of tasks tailored to meet the needs of your parents. Importantly, your parents’ health and well being will be consistently monitored; keeping you informed every step of the way.

Personal care services can include assisting your parents with showering, dressing and grooming in the morning, getting them set for the day. Or, if preferred, showering assistance can be arranged for later in the day. Personal care assistance provided typically includes choosing clothes, a shower or sponge wash if required, shaving your dad, washing and brushing hair, applying make-up to your mum, tiding the bathroom and bedroom and ensuring the have something for breakfast.

Personal care can also involve assistance with shopping and meal preparation. This means that the stove will always be turned off, and the meals are home prepared – the way they are accustomed.

Another aspect of personal care service is providing transport to medical appointments. Sometimes a visit to the doctor can be stressful. Having a support worker sitting alongside your parent in the waiting room can provide comfort, when you can’t be there.

The benefits of such personal care service means that your loved ones are receiving the personalised assistance that you would normally provide whilst juggling all work, family and other commitments.

These personal care services provided in the home give peace of mind for you and a lifestyle for your parents that are normalized. This means you don’t become the parent to your parent, and you are able to maintain a positive relationship with them – this keeps the focus on being a family.

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