Disability care

Needless to say a disability has a huge impact on a person’s life, but it also greatly impacts the lives of those responsible for looking after that person. Caring for someone with a disability can be very complicated; it involves providing the right level of care but also adapting to changes in physical ability of the individual or even the carer.

Disability comes in many forms and so must the level of care. At Sequel, we recognise that every person is different and circumstances evolve and change. Our Disability Care Managers work closely with you and your loved one to create a care plan that’s personalised, flexible and inclusive. Whether it’s managing daily living tasks, personal hygiene, driving, cooking or just remembering to take the right medication, our experience carers can be on-hand at home or in the community.

If you’re currently caring for a loved one who is disabled, we can offer you both the support you need. Sequel’s consumer approach to care will take the weight off your shoulders and help your loved one take control of their life.

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