Consumer Directed Care

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is  a new development in the way Community Care is funded by the Government.

CDC is a move away from a Case Managed Model of Care where the program and type of care is largely determined by the funded agency who have made the assumption that they know “what is best for you”.

With CDC you get to decide what care and services you access, how they are delivered and who delivers them to you. And this makes perfect sense since you have spent your entire life making decisions that are best for you and your family. So there is no reason to assume that, just because you are ageing, you should be forced to stop managing your own affairs and hand over control to a complete stranger.

Sequel has always and  continues to promote individual choice and recognises the importance of your participation in defining the services that will best serve your needs.

Sequel encourages you and your family to take an active role in the planning and implementation of the services that best suit your needs.

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