Collaboration & feedback

At Sequel, we promote consumer choice and participation. We encourage our consumers to take an active role in the planning, implementation and ongoing delivery of the services they receive to ensure they’re getting the right care at all times.

Our commitment to a culture of continual improvement applies to all aspects of in-home care; nursing, home care, personal care and respite care. This enables us to maintain best practice in all aspects of care, both medical and non-medical, and to provide you with services above and beyond the industry standard.

If your care needs require a solution beyond the scope of Sequel’s expertise, we’ll refer you to one of trusted specialist agencies who’ll be able to help. Referrals to other services include medical, allied health, Government services agencies (such as CentreLink), legal, financial and specialist product/service providers (for personal alarms and monitoring services) to the aged care sector.

We also encourage feedback on Sequel services so we can be assured that our delivery is meeting the needs of you and your loved one.