Changes to services

Sequel is just  a phone call away when you have a question or need to make changes to your (or your parents) care plan.

This includes changes to services – which could mean a change in time for care to be provided, or an adjustment to the amount or type of support and care required.

After an illness or stay in hospital, the objective of home care services is to restore your health and well–being so that you can continue to live independently at home. This is true, except when the best objective that can be achieved is simply to prevent any further loss of independence due to a deterioration in health.

Services can easily be increased or decreased, depending on your (or your loved one’s) well-being at any time. This allows us to provide an optimal level of service and meet your (or your parent’s) current needs.

Call Sequel today on 9499 1200 to see how we can be of assistance. You can also submit a written request by following the ‘Contact Us’ link to obtain a FREE no obligation consultation.