Aged care – A daughter’s story

It can get to a point in everyone’s family where an elderly loved one becomes less and less able to continue on with their everyday activities, at least without help. They begin to struggle with their house work, forget appointments and find their weekly trip to the shop becomes a daunting and exhausting task.

Often, unknowing of the massive ‘Aged Care at Home’ industry that silently operates in the background, families such as mine struggled, attempting to juggle their already busy schedule with their attempts to help their loved one remain where they want to be, in their own home.

I, along with my brothers, attempted to take it in turns, cleaning our mothers house, doing her shopping for her, taking her to important appointments, meanwhile our precious relationship with our mum became strained, because we were no longer her children, we were her carers.

The strain placed on the family was heightened when mum needed assistance with personal care. The bulk of this task was placed on my shoulders.

The obvious next step to us, was the unfortunate decision to take our mum out of her beloved family home, the home she had raised us in, the home that she cherished, and place her in residential care……what else could we do?

I had personally never heard of ‘In-home Care’ nor did I understand what it involved or who could receive it. I am writing this in an attempt to shine some much needed light on an industry that can give families the important option we had been looking for, professional aged care for mum that allows her to remain in the home she knows and loves.

Since that time I have become aware of the aged care industry and its many offerings. Before taking your loved one from their family home, I would encourage all people placed in the position where your loved one needs help to remain living independently at home to explore all aged care options – and consider seriously aged care at home.

The article was written by Catalina who now works in the aged care sector, notably to keep people, with assistance from an aged care provider, to live with independence at home for as long as possible.

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