Consumer Directed Care (CDC) packages puts you in control of personal care services at home

Consumer directed care (CDC) packages are government funded packages for aged people who require assistance to remain living in their own home. CDC packages enable people to have control over their own lives by allowing them to choose the services (such as personal care, respite care ..) they believe will best suit their needs. CDC also allows people to determine who will provide services and when they will be delivered. Thus the CDC package enables people to have more help to remain at home for as long as possible, while also allowing control over the funding package and choice of services provided.

CDC packages are assessed on an individual needs basis. The funds from the allocated package will be administered by an approved service provider. Essentially the service provider will hold funds on the recipient’s behalf and will work with the person to develop a Care Plan. The recipient will receive a monthly itemised statement from their service provider showing the money spent and available funds.

When will this happen?

From 1st July 2015 all new aged care packages will be CDC packages. If you had been allocated a home care package before this date, your package will eventually be transferred to CDC. The date this will occur will depend on your service provider, as some providers have already started to convert packages to CDC.

So, what do Consumer Directed Care packages mean to you?

Firstly, a CDC package will enable choice and control over the types of services you receive. You will have the right to specify a need for having respite care or personal care provided in your home. You will have control over how that service is delivered and also which agency delivers the service.

If you are not satisfied with the service being provided by an agency, you can move to another agency for these services. As you are in control of a budget that shows how much funding is available for services, you will be able to make flexible choices depending on your needs at the time. You may, for example, choose a large block of respite care to enable the you, the carer, to take a break, knowing your their loved one will be safe while you are away.

Being able to track your funds enables you to bank some of your funds for future items or services that might be required. You will be able to determine how your funding will be spent enabling you to have an individualised service to suit your lifestyle, not a stock standard “take it or leave it” service.

Why are Consumer Directed Care packages better?

If you have ever been concerned with the type or quality of care received, CDC packages are a way to ensure that appropriate and high quality services are received. Being able to decide on the agency managing your funds, the service provider and the services that best suit your needs enables you, as the recipient, independence to enjoy your chosen lifestyle. If you don’t like the quality of services from a provider or agency, you have the authority to change to another agency. The choice is yours.

Importantly, CDC packages allow you to track where the money from your package is being spent and as your needs change you can alter services accordingly. CDC packages enable you to ensure you are receiving as much support (personal care, respite care) as needed to remain independent at home within the limitations of your package. Remember you have control over the development of a Care Plan, the delivery of services and the agency holding your funds. CDC allows you choices.

For more information on CDC, simply Contact Us at Sequel or visit the Australian Government’s My Aged Care website.

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