How to gain trust with providers of personal care services

Elderly people who take the step to engage personal care services to enable them remain living in the safety of their family home are sometimes finding their trust is betrayed.

There are reported cases of theft involving the stealing of money and valuables from elderly by personal care workers. Although these crimes are small in number, the instance is unfortunately trending upwards. These cases attract media attention and are devastating to the people who welcome these carers into their homes, trusting them to do the right thing.

The good story is that not all support workers are callous – very few in fact. The vast majority are honest and caring – and completely trustworthy.

But how do you know? The key is to engage support workers to provide personal care services from agencies that guarantee:

  • All workers are screened for suitability as a caring worker
  • All workers are police checked, and only people with no criminal history are employed
  • All workers are referenced checked prior to gaining employment
  • All workers are suitably qualified
  • Profile matching to ensure the support worker is ideal for you

If you have come to the realization that personal care services would be a great benefit to you or a loved one, have someone you trust, a family member or a friend, advocate on your behalf. Have them attend with you any meetings with the selected agency.

Meet with the Care Managers before you start personal care services.

If the agency is not prepared to meet with you and your representatives face to face, then look for another agency. Also look for an agency that is responsive to your requests to change workers, and any concerns or suspicions you may have.

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