Aged care at home – A daughter’s experience

It is hard to define ‘Aged Care at Home’ because it can mean something different to every family. In short Home Care Providers through qualified Aged Care workers give support to ageing people to allow them to remain living in their own home.

A Home Care Provider is able to tailor specific care plans to your family’s budget and of course your loved ones needs. For some, Home Based Care means an Aged Care worker scheduled to go in each morning at 8am, to assist with shower and dressing their loved one, getting them set up for the day ahead. For my family, Home Based Care means an Aged Care Worker arrives each Thursday at 12pm to clean mums house and accompany her to do her grocery shopping, and when those medical appointments arise, our home care provider can organise that too.

I often get asked why I pay the price for a professional Aged Care worker; why not just employ a cleaner to clean mums home?

The difference is this: A cleaner comes to mums home, cleans and leaves. An aged care worker comes to mums home, cleans, notices if mum looks unwell, and reports any concerns directly to the coordinators at our Home Care provider, and the best part, this feedback then comes back to me in a timely manner. This in turn gives me peace of mind, not only that mums house is clean, but that mum’s health and well being is all the while being monitored by a qualified and caring aged care worker.

What does this mean for our family? It means we don’t have to stress about mum struggling to mop the floors…. or mum driving to the shops and having to carry those heavy shopping bags. We have peace of mind knowing it’s all taken care of, and more importantly, peace of mind that her health and well being is being monitored, and reported back to us.

And what has this meant for mum? Not only has it allowed her to safely stay in her family home, but now when we see her, we act like her children again.

The article was written by Catalina who now works in the aged care sector, and through her personal experience , is working to keep people, with assistance from an aged care provider, to live with independence at home for as long as possible.

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