About us

Mary’s commitment to home care as being a viable option for those wanting to continue living and celebrating life from the comfort of their family home stems from personal experience with her parents.

Mary states “during this time both of my parents experienced illnesses that led to hospital admissions. There were no choices given to any family member regarding the care they could receive.  We were told because of their changes in health and physical decline they had to be admitted to residential care.  Although I worked in the health care system I was not aware of any alternatives to residential care. No options were discussed leaving the family without options, without a choice. I believe had we have understood or been advised there were alternatives to residential care, the last few years of my parents lives may have been very different”.

“It was not until after the death of my parents that it was brought to my attention that there were alternatives to residential care.  I moved back into a hospital environment and found there was a gap in discharging patients and council picking up referrals. I became familiar with the Aged Care Act, services available and how to access and navigate the system”.

“With knowledge of the aged care system and understanding the diverse needs of the elderly, I was eager to set up a business that provided quality assistance and support for elderly and frail people and their loved ones that involved family and presented viable choices. Second best should never be good enough”.

“I would not like others to experience what my family and I went through. I believe it is important for everyone to be presented with options and have as much information as possible to make informed decisions.  Not to be given options and choices can be disabling”.

Mary laid the foundation for Sequel Home Based Care – based on in-home care being a viable option for many seniors whose preference is to remain at home.

Mary has always promoted individual choice and recognized the importance of consumer participation in defining the services that will best serve their needs.

Mary has instilled into Sequel’s best practice the importance of encouraging consumers and their families to take an active role in the planning and implementation of the services they can receive.

With Mary’s leadership Sequel works in partnership with consumers to bring to life the full benefits of Consumer Directed Care.